Fred j Schneider


 Read the book critics are comparing to Salinger, Twain, and John Kennedy Toole.  


"...for all his sarcasm, Schneider has enough of his idealism intact to share a laugh at humanity's absurdity while spinning an excellent yarn. 4 Stars"


              -- Foreword Clarion



"...communicated through a unique worldview that combines down-to-earth, Catcher in the Rye-like observations with peculiar vision... An affable, humorous and unpredictable tale."


             -- Kirkus Discovery




"Schneider has given us a viciously funny book that does to the experiences of manhood, war, and 60's Catholicism what blenders do to spirits — with a resulting cocktail worthy of being served to the likes of Twain, John Kennedy Toole and David Foster Wallace. A blurb can't hack it — read this book!"                  

--Michael C. Delisa,  Author  CINDERELLA MAN        



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