Michael C. Delisa, author of Cinderella Man

"Schneider has given us a viciously funny book that does to the experiences of manhood, war, and 60's Catholicism what blenders do to spirits — with a resulting cocktail worthy of being served to the likes of Twain, John Kennedy Toole and David Foster Wallace. A blurb can't hack it — read this book!"


4 Stars-- Foreword Clarion Reviews


"Schneider's way with words add levity and zest to analysis of adolescent guilt and angst… guilt manifests itself hilariously through nighttime visitations from inquiring pop culture characters: they all want to know about a pet Molly fish that had been flushed down the toilet. Schneider writes, "When, while sitting on your toilet, a vindictive tropical fish bites you…it's easy to assume things can't get much worse but…Albert Einstein visited me first. He studied me like a scientific anomaly, like a quark… ‘So," he asked with his Germanic accent, "What's with the fish?'"

Cats In A Chowder is a metaphor for the death of the dream of ... an American Dream... But for all his sarcasm, Schneider has enough of his idealism intact to share a laugh at humanity's absurdity while spinning an excellent yarn."


Kirkus Discovery Review

"To young Robin Sisler -- raised in a wildly disfunctional Long Island household divided between two lost causes -- baseball is everything. Robin's father Harry, a bitter but loyal Mets fan with a personal grudge against Joe DiMaggio, is determined to raise a superior ballplayer to put the Yankee Clipper in his place. Robin's pious mother Agatha keeps him esconced in a tightly wound Catholicism, determined that her son will find his way in the priesthood. But Robin has his own ideas, communicated through a unique worldview that combines down-to-earth, Catcher in the Rye-like observations with peculiar visions only he can see...   An affable, humorous and unpredictable tale."